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Gear Review: KastKing Emergence combo

The Lowdown

KastKing is a US company with overseas manufacturing that has dabbled in the world of fly fishing while primarily specializing in spinning and conventional tackle.

Recently, KastKing has stepped up their willingness to embrace the fly fishing market with a line of products that has considerable depth, maintaining the company’s “keep fishing fun… while keeping it affordable” approach. Amongst their offerings in the fly fishing realms are leaders, fly lines, fly reels, fly rods and most recently an introductory fly fishing combo called the Emergence.

The price is fiercely competitive at $129.98 and includes just about everything you’d need to hit the water: a 4 piece graphite fly rod, aluminum fly reel, fly line and backing, forceps, a dozen flies, a protective travel case, and more accessories.

KastKing offers this outfit in line weights 4, 5, 6, and 8  (all are 4 pieces and and all are 9 feet long except the 8’6″ #4 weight) giving new anglers the option to target anything from sunfish and bluegills to faster, stronger fish like bass, pickerel, and even bonefish.

KastKing Emergence

The Goal

My feeling is that the idea that KastKing had here wasn’t to create a family heirloom that will be passed down to generations of grand kids. The idea was to create an entry point for new anglers or those on a tighter budget who otherwise wouldn’t be able to engage in this great sport of fly fishing.

Further, their aim was to produce a high caliber product that is fun to fish with while retaining durability,  quality performance, and stylish aesthetics. “We wanted to take the guesswork out of what to select to go fly fishing. The KastKing Emergence Combo does exactly that,” says KastKing CMO Tom Gahan.

5 weight Emergence in action. Image courtesy of Chris Sartain


The fly rod included in the KastKing Emergence Combo uses a high quality of graphite rated at 24 million modulus. The action is considered medium fast which makes it a little bit easier for less experienced anglers to cast while maintaining enough power to punch a larger fly through a touch of breeze. Very fast action rods are more powerful but also more difficult to learn to cast with a smaller margin for error. We tested the 8 weight version and were pleased to find quality guide wraps and a comfortable full wells cork grip with cork fighting butt.

The reel included in the 8 weight combo we tested balanced the outfit nicely and was already rigged with backing, fly line and a tapered monofilament leader. The reel itself is a lightweight aluminum large arbor design with a smooth and adjustable disc drag and black anodizing. The porting is extensive and creates a really modern and stylish look.

8 weight Emergence, centerfold pose.

The Extras

Also included in the outfit are a dozen flies, a fly box, strike indicators, split shot weights, a protective cordura travel case, forceps, and a retractable nipper. “The KastKing™ Emergence Fly Combo is an incredible value and has everything you’ll need to get started in fly-fishing immediately with a beautiful, performance four-piece graphite rod, aluminum reel, fly line and leader,” says Al Noraker, Director of Product Development at KastKing. “And, the Emergence Combo includes the most important tools, accessories, and even hand tied flies that every fly angler needs to start catching fish.”

In Closing

KastKing has succeeded in what they set out to do with the Emergence Combo. They have created a really good starting point for people who want to get their feet wet in a sport that has traditionally been hard for beginners to access. They have simplified the process of choosing gear and matching it in a way that everything is balanced. They cut through the complicated nomenclature and get you ready to start fishing right away. That’s a pretty cool option for a lot of people who do not want to get bogged down with the details and simply want to start learning the sport.

KastKing rods are covered by a limited lifetime, total peace of mind warranty against the workmanship and materials of the rod for the original owner.

Featured Image kindly provided courtesy of Shane Coovert.


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