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News: Low salmon returns prompt responsible action

For conservation reasons, there will be no retention of Atlantic salmon in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia this year. Fishing will be catch-and-release only [...]

April 13, 2015 FEATURE STORY, News, Slide

Fly Tying with Drew Chicone: Cocaine Crustacean

Smaller permit eat the Cocaine Crustacean. Tie it with heavier eyes for the deeper water (3- to 8-feet) and on size 4 hooks. In Belize, Bonefish flies need weed guards [...]

April 10, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Tips & Tactics: Sunglasses, let there be clarity

At the store look at the test tag or sticker through the lens, then rotate the lens to a 60 degree angle. If what you're viewing gets darker, they are polarized lenses [...]

April 3, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Tips & Tactics

Fly Girl Q&A: Alex Lovett-Woodsum

Just when I started to think I was halfway decent at fly fishing, I went permit fishing. That really knocks you down a few notches, but has also made me determined to fish for them more. [...]

April 3, 2015 Conservation, FEATURE STORY, Fly Girl Q&A, Slide, Uncategorized

Ghost Stories: Bahamas’ bonefish and shifting baseline syndrome

Populations were way higher and distributions more expansive. In fact, these guides used to pole from the dock, because bonefish were so numerous! [...]

April 2, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Ghost Stories, Slide

Video Roundup: Makos with Conway Bowman, Oregon bull trout on the fly

Another edition of Video Roundup, this time featuring makos on the fly with Conway Bowman and stalking bull trout in the wilds of Oregon. [...]

April 2, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Uncategorized, Video Roundup, Videos

Fly Fishing Show: March Low Country Fly Fishing Expo

The Low Country Fly Fishing Expo served platoon of 70 plus fly angling enthusiasts to learn, relearn or refresh themselves with the very core matters of fly angling [...]

April 1, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Fly Fishing Show, Slide

Industry News: BTT Dinner and Fundraiser in NYC tomorrow evening

Enjoy 90 Miles, the newest film by Will Benson and the company of a Blue Ribbon Panel - including Robert Rubin, Dr. Aaron Adams, Luis Menocal and Bill Andersen. [...]

March 31, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Industry News, Slide

Video: Fraser Island inshore marlin on the fly

Juvenile Marlin follow the current into Hervey Bay and Gather on the inside of Fraser Island. On good years like this one, the Fly Fishing is unreal. [...]

March 31, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Videos

Feature Story: It’s on! …when the largemouth bass spawn

The biggest poppers and sliders will catch the biggest fish and reduce the number of strikes from the smaller ones, but everything will eat the smaller flies and they are a lot easier to cast [...]

March 27, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Tips & Tactics