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A couple fishing on a riverbank, tying the flys to the hooks for flyfishing.

Tying the ‘Elk’ incorrectly becomes the deadly IOBO Humpy emerger

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Trout flies, especially those #16 and up, have a lot of relatives, but sometimes a tweak makes a huge difference, like the IOBO Humpy vs. its relatives.
McKenzie River Oregon.

Conservation: Private Forest Accord Signed Into Law

| FEATURE STORY, Fly Fishing, Guido Rahr
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Logging, forestland owners, conservation leaders, and fishing organizations agree to new protections for over 10 million acres of forestland in Oregon.

Brevoortia tyrannus: They regulate ocean health in the western Atlantic

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Read The Moon Pulled Up an Acre of Bass: A Flyrodder's Odyssey by Peter Kaminsky. It will both entertain and inform.

Arguably, Oncorhynchus mykiss is a most interesting game fish

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Rainbow trout and the life-history pathways are unique. They are life-long freshwater resident fish, anadromous or freshwater riverine - transient to lakes.
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Hike in Alaska

There is no future without wilderness

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We say it's the wildness we want, but the tug of calming and belonging to something bigger pulls us to wildernesses of water, fish, and forests.
Person holding fly fishing lures, close up

Trout Flies: The best, as mentioned, are proven universalists

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Most well-traveled fly fishers come to their "best flies," having gone thru many others to find their best flies - flies that will produce in a wide swath of global…

Fly’s Without Borders: Savage’s O’Neal nails another NZ ‘lure’

| Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Matt O'Neal, New Zealand, Rainbow Trout, RECENT, Red Setter Fly, Savage Flies, Slide, Thom Glace, YouTube | No Comments
I had forgotten about several great New Zealand flies Hughie McDowell introduced me to long ago, and the Red Setter is one of them. Materials important.

Opinion: Why not an indicator with teeth?

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Having a foam-bodied fly serve as both indicator, and terminal hooking device is not new but not as popular as it should be.
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