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Reminder: The Edison, NJ, Fly Fishing Show This Week

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The Edison, New Jersey, Fly Fishing Show is the east coast anglers' Mecca for noteworthy fly fishing products for this new year.

These three tying adaptations will put you at a new level

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Thread control can be, and mostly is, more important than the fly recipe. It sounds strange to hear, but not after watching this video.

Lee Wulff and the River of Ponds of Northwest Newfoundland

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It was a remarkable time in a remarkable place, the "ponds" of Northwest Newfoundland 1930s to the 1950s.
A fly fisherman fishing in a river

From Sawyer’s upstream nymphing to Daniel’s modern version

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No matter your catch preference, proper nymphing techniques do catch more trouts and grayling, but more is not the point for some.
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A fiberglass fly rod could make you a much better angler

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For some, rediscovering fiberglass fly rods has enabled them to continue fly fishing because of the ease of casting versus stiffer graphite.

Lee Wulff picked The Road Less Traveled. It set him free

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The successes of Lee Wulff innovations in Atlantic salmon flies, steelhead flies and, stream sized mykiss' is to follow a fork smartly travelled.

 Old composition notebooks, faded photos, and rusted hooks

| Bahamas, Belize, Bonefish, Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, RECENT, Slide, Thom Glace, YouTube | No Comments
When looking back at the development of saltwater flies, from sailfish, to Peacock Bass, bonefish and tarpon. It's no wonder we catch so many.

Catch Mo’ Betta’: Take advantage of tying streamers with tube flies

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Tim Flagler, Tightlines Productions, produced a short video showing how tube flies can add advantages over hook-tied streamers.
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