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Friday Catch Up: Short takes on the news we missed last week

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Foreign and domestic mining companies dumped nearly 2 billion pounds of toxic waste into our western waterways in 2017. We are paying for the cleanup.

Conservation News: “And another one [Dam] bites the dust,” thankfully

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Even concrete and neon politicians are starting to realize that the word CONSERVE is helpful to their constituents, their families, and themselves. Imagine that!
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Dan Bailey’s world famous fly shop in good hands with Sexton

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It's a natural progression for him to sell the shop to Sexton, who first worked at Dan Bailey’s as a high school teenager, John Bailey said.

Too hot for mykiss and trutta – head to the coast

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Getting a red attracted to a popper is not tricky, but worded correctly - hooking a red on a popper is an altogether different deal - think to wait, wait,…
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BTT Asks: What do the kids think about fly fishing and conservation?

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Read "what the kids" have to say and think - we might be better off in their hands. They're not proud of those of us who have been voting to…
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If you are not catching sh#t, you need to fish the Woolly Bugger

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The Woolly Bugger, along with terrestrials, worms, the Prince Nymph, Adams', Lefty's Deceiver, a shrimp, and Tarpon Toad, can catch them all.

This is a time to do whatever we can to find our moments of peace and contentment

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Just about everyone who passes by on the sidewalk stops, gawks or comments. Roughly half of them say, “Catch anything?”

COVID 19: Anglers transiting thru Canada to AK expect tough health checks

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Travel through Canada to Alaska during the coronavirus pandemic is still allowed, but you'll be on a clocked timer. Fail, jail and $1,000 fine is the option.
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