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Perfection is by any other name still perfect

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We've been taught the Non-Slip Loop Knot for free swimming a fly, but a better loop knot is the Perfection.
Happy thanksgiving flat lay

Mashed potatoes are proof we’re great

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Thanksgiving 2023, time to reflect on days like this - to keep it like this . . .

Swims 40 MPH: Spookus easyus, Sunscreen, and Slime

| Bahamas, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, catch and release, FEATURE STORY, Florida Keys, Fly Fishing, handling fish, Slide | 4 Comments
Mucous, or fish slime, is the first line of defense for a fish. Slime removal increases the likelihood of infection - any fish.

Mosca de Tubo Depredador

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Mosca de Tubo Depredador Para  El 'Tigre De Rio' ~ Ruben Martin
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Beautiful girl spinning fishing in the river

Angie Roth joins FlyLifeMagazine.com staff

| Flies, Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, One Minute Fly Fishing Tips, Orvis, Phil Monahan, RECENT, Slide, Thom Glace, Tim Flagler, Tom Rosenbauer, Tube Flies, YouTube | No Comments
As it has shown, tube flies are more potent than hook-tied flies in most scenarios, from panfish to marlin.

‘Zen’ tenkara rod meant for big trout

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The Kyojin II Tenkara Rod is a purpose-built big fish rod - a two-handed spey-style tenkara rod.

Haywire Twist and Albright Knot bite insurance

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The Albright combining with the Haywire Twist is synonymous with the Keys' most famous guide, Jimmy Albright.

Thomas McQuane: Reading again – The Longest Silence

| Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, Book Review, Conservation, Fly Fishing, freshwater fly fishing, Pat Ford Photography, RECENT, saltwater fishing, Slide, Thomas McGuane | No Comments
It's in the rereading that you find new sentences, paragraphs, and brand-new meaning: The Longest Silence by McQuane. 
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