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Why does a tube fly always roll over when fished in a fast current?

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So far, Tube flies have limits, but as a streamer or wet fly, they almost always have no equal. As a matter of fact, it's hard to think of one?

Are smallmouth bass the strongest freshwater game fish?

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Smallies are intolerant of pollution - a good natural indicator, but better adjust to changes in water condition than most trout.

In some quarters the Parachute Adams is the top dry

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This dry fly Parachute Adams is an extremely versatile fly. Charlie Craven’s tie is a bit different from most others - that’s why it was chosen.
A fly fisherman fishing in a river

Industry Report: Fly fishing and recreation by the numbers

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Imagine if we all said we need to protect our public lands? Imagine if we all said we want clean air and water? Imagine!
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Does recreational fishing technology skew our fishery policymaking?

| Andy Danylchuk, Capt. Andrew Derr, Fly Fishing, RECENT, Slide, Stripers, Stripers Forever | No Comments
Globally recognized, Andy Danylchuk is a marine and freshwater systems authority - an award winning spokesperson for fish conservation.

Looking for seasonal king salmon and discovering a season of rainbows

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How many Americans, given a choice, would trade all of Alaska's sockeye salmon runs away for an open-pit copper and gold mine?
Forest in Everglades

Opinion: Toxic water, the unsustainable politics of polluting

| Clean Water Act, Clean Water Rule, Climate Change, Coastal Marshes, Conservation, Fly Fishing, freshwater fly fishing, Politics, Public Lands, RECENT, Republicans, saltwater fishing, Slide | No Comments
It's remarkable how much damage was done to the environment by science deniers after enjoying 50 years of the clean water rules.

No crying in baseball? Vladi says no indicators or sighters in nymphing

| Advice, Fly Casting, Fly Fishing, Fly Shops, fly tying, freshwater fly fishing, Kelly Galloup, RECENT, Slide, Trout | No Comments
Wladi's nymphing technique is the origin of the modern fly fishing world - falsely reborn to new fathers of new nationalities.
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