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Conservation: Do you know our native western trout?

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National Fish Habitat Partnership is an active coalition of citizens cooperating with several other organizations cleaning up riverine and coastal habitats to improve where we fish.

If it’s a topwater fly and it ‘gurgles,’ it’s Gartside’s Gurgler

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Over time, Gartside's fly has been reborn to new fathers of new nationalities, but it's still a Gartside Gurgler regardless of reproduction tweaks. 

The fly that changed the course of saltwater fly tying, Popovics’ Surf Candy

| Bob Popovics, Capt. Andrew Derr, FEATURE STORY, Fly Fishing, Orvis, saltwater fishing, Slide, Strung Magazine, Surf Candy, Tim Flagler, Tom Rosenbauer, YouTube | No Comments
One of the most iconic flies in the history of saltwater fly-fishing came about because of bluefish and their infamous choppers.

Cats: All alone with the memory of my days in the sun

| Bewilderment, Canada, catfish, Crappies, FEATURE STORY, Flies, Fly Fishing, RICHARD POWERS, Slide, Videos, YouTube | No Comments
Catfish fly fishing has yet to catch on in the US and only in a few regions in Canada. However, as a food item, they're worth the effort and easy…
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Scientists can now borrow the bodies of one fish species to produce another

| Breaking News, Climate Change, Fly Fishing, forage fish, freshwater fly fishing, Hakai Magazine, Industry Shouts & Murmurs, Podcast, RECENT, saltwater fishing, Science, Slide | No Comments
Surrogacy in the plant world has been both good and bad. What will it be like in our fisheries? We know what the outcry was like when introduced in domesticated…

Video: Trout on the rise in New Zealand

| Māori, New Zealand, Orvis, RECENT, Sharptail Video, Slide, Trout, Videos, YouTube | No Comments
Simon Perkins grew up in Manchester, VT, spending most of his time fishing the Battenkill and frequenting duck blinds, turkey woods, and ruffed grouse covers. He knows the art of…

Conservation: Tillamook Rainforest, making strongholds for wild salmon and steelhead

| Conservation, Conservation News, Oregon, Pacific salmon, RECENT, Slide, steelhead trout, Thom Glace, Tillamook Rainforest, Wild Salmon Center | No Comments
The Wild Salmon Center wants to secure protected areas along rivers and in key watersheds of the Tillamook Forest, a globally important salmon stronghold - west of downtown Portland.

Conservation News: We might be too late for the damn dams and Chinook

| Climate Change, Columbia River, Conservation, Conservation News, Damn Dams, RECENT, Rivers & Dams, Slide, Thom Glace, wild fires, wild salmon, Yale School of the Environment | No Comments
The unthinkable could happen: a hard-fought, two-decade-long campaign to restore wild salmon that culminates in dam removal in a river without them.
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