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The Environment: Tracking the damage done to our public lands

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The damage to Public Lands is economic and ecological - giving away leases at rock bottom prices so he could say 'in your face' to conservationists and Obama.

Getting a perspective on yet another great western writer; William Kittredge

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William Kittredge. Novelist. Essayist. Teacher. Mentor. Dean of western literature. Raconteur. Critic. Filmmaker. Legend. Monolith. Friend of the environment.

Beginner Fly Tying: It’s easier than you think to decipher thread sizes

| Advice, Charlie Craven, FEATURE STORY, Flies, Fly Tying, Slide | No Comments
It's not so much thread sizes - denier and aught, it's the nuances of slippery, waxing, gluing, wrap tension, tools, hitches, and shortcuts.

Tim Flagler ties the Margaree Bug. Is it more than a Salmo salar delight?

| Atlantic salmon, FEATURE STORY, Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Slide, Tim Flagler, wild salmon, YouTube | No Comments
Tim Flagler's Margaree Bug can be tied with a riffling-hitch and skated or just below the surface. I have a strong feeling it will get smashed by bass - salt…
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A couple fishing on a riverbank, tying the flys to the hooks for flyfishing.

Fly Tying: Enjoy the process and discover how to repeat; spatially

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We have favored this fly and re-present it because this Kelly Galloup video is one of his best. He shows you what pro tyers pay attention to when tying; any…
Male friends chilling with drinks at the bar

Is the worst trout fly fisher better than any other kind?

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Read a fun Tongue & Cheek story a reader sent us from a fall story about fly fishing and elite she found in a garaged 1997 Chicago Tribune newspaper.
Rear view of small child walking on landfill, environmental pollution concept

A few stories of interest that didn’t make it above the fold

| Alaska, Conservation, Covid 19, Donald Trump, Industry News, News, Public Lands, RECENT, Slide, Thom Glace | No Comments
We can continue to see public lands, conservation, and fisheries in the news, but now story to be about protecting, conserving, and managing - not destroying.
Vintage Fly Fishing Reels

Industry News: COVID interrupts The Fly Fishing Show, again

| Chuck Furimsky, Fly Casting, Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing Show, fly tying, Industry News, RECENT, Slide | No Comments
The Fly Fishing Show is the symbol of each season's start - like the Kentucky Derby of fly fishing. Maybe things will change soon, and it's FF Showtime again
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