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It’s Not Snoozeday, It’s Pack It Out for Public Lands Day

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Grab some garbage bags and help us leave your public lands a little better than you found them! The 2020 Public Land Pack Out is here, and we need your…

Photojournalist Janie Osborne Shares NYT Series ‘The World Through a Lens’

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On the Madison, the Gallatin, the Blackfoot, the Flathead, the Missouri, the Yellowstone. A trout that is 20 inches and up is considered to be a trophy size.
Join the Atlantic Salmon Federation and be part of the solution to keeping Wild Salmon wild and their habitats safe from political predation

Farm Salmon Escape at the Canadian/US Border and Endanger Wild Stocks

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Become a member of the Atlantic Salmon Federation - joining an international movement to protect wild river habitats and wild salmons.
Chinook salmon - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Verboten for 100 years, genome science could restore big chinook runs in ten

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We’re just accelerating natural things. Within ten years, we could have thriving spring-run chinook salmon runs on the Klamath River.
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No need for Bushcraft knot knowledge, but a tie-down knot is a must for fly fishers

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Oddly, and like hooks, knots get only a little mention for being as important as they are. It could be as crucial as strapping down a kayak, a rod case,…

Opinion: Fly Fishing vs Spin Fishing Differences. Are They Obvious?

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The Catch and The Hatch is an online fly shop provides online courses that teaches anglers how to catch more fish and find new adventures on the water.

9/18/20: It Glows in the Dark, Conservation Matters, No Water Today

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Catching up on the news this Friday, September 18, 2020. It's running out of water, fly lines that glow, Florida Keys' reefs, and River Glass.

Henry Fly Rods, Underhanded Casting, Henrik Mortensen

| Fly Casting, Fly Fishing, Henry Fly Rod & Reel, Henry Fly Rods, RECENT, Slide, YouTube | No Comments
Mortensen's Scandinavian Spey Cast is unique because of having a focus on and the importance of underhand two-handed casts.
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