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If Lefty is the father, Helen Shaw might be the mother of modern fly fishing

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In 1963, Shaw's first book contained black-and-white images of her tying flies step by step. It was one of the first fly-tying books written by a woman.

Conservation: FL Aquatic Preserve Good For Environment and Fly Fishers

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In Florida, where nature's blessings abound, and the dumbest electorate and governance align, it does the right thing for a change.

Can’t fly cast well – need to false cast a lot, quit. Take-up politics, or…

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It's axiomatic that the fly line, and thus the fly, follows the rod tip - that's all you need to start with folks.

Join the protest, buy from your local fly shop

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US Fly fishing product producers help keep the current admin's greedy friends from public land grabs and destroying millions of acres of our heritage wildernesses.
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Conservation: Marine Reserve Twice the Size of Great Britain Created

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Although the news is about as far away from DC and its punishing conservation news, establishing a Marine Protected Area is always welcome.

Catching Up: Reading the Stories Below the Fold

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A wrap of the news that you might have missed. A good piece by the Washington Post, some industry news, and a couple of tips.

Flies without borders: Clousers bucktail, Krystal flash, lead eyes perched atop

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Like the Clouser shown here, with the classic flies, and especially those of the modern age have the benefit of synthetic tying materials, catching has gotten easier.

Fly fishing with bears and keeping safe. Bring a gun?

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Carry a handgun or long rifle while flying fishing alone in Alaska, Canada, or the continental U.S.? You may get a fined, jailed, or both for doing so - know…
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