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You could ‘knot’ be blamed for disbelief

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Fishing guides tell their clients to tie the terminal knot they are most comfortable with.

Overline and Underline: Only a different feel should be expected

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Companies like Winston and RIO offer significant savings because their rods and lines can be used overlined or underlined; buy only spare spools.

Reminder: This weekend, learn every fly-tying hack there is

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Any angler will agree to catch a bonefish, striper, or trout on a self-tied fly magnifies the experience tenfold. So enjoy the fly-tying symposium this weekend.
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Destination fly fishers should always choose carry-on

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Excellent fly rod, fly reel, and a fly fishers needs can best be managed with a good carry-on rod case. Always choose quality to protect your gear.
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Opinion: Double your fly fishing pleasure, learn to tie flies

| Flies, Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, RECENT, Slide, Steve Hudson, Tube Flies | No Comments
Improve your fly fishing experience tenfold; learn to tie flies. It is not a question of whether you can tie; it is a question of better enjoying the fly fishing…

Why you should keep Georgia on your mind

| Chad Bryson, Chattahoochee River, Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, freshwater fly fishing, Gary Merriman, Georgia, Henry Cowen, RECENT, Slide, Steve Hudson | No Comments
The Southeast United States has excellent trout fishing. GA, NC, and a portion of Eastern TN, offer world-class opportunities year-round.
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Angie Bites on Savage’s WWII Survival Kit Fly

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I seem to get captured by how a 'new' fly looks to me, and further turned on by my instinctual laziness - easy to tie. The WWII kit fly meets…

My fishing partner knows grass, and it leads him to bass

| Advice, Florida, Fly Fishing, freshwater fly fishing, RECENT, Slide, Thadeus Ragan, Tips & Tactics | No Comments
Thadeus's schedule is hectic, so don't be put off by his being unable to get back to you immediately. He's a phenomenal guide stick with it.
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