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Barrett’s Craft Fur Tarpon Shrimp, better than a stand by

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Any fly that can encourage an eat in a pressured environment, like tarpon in the Florida Keys, deserves more than a casual walk-by.

You invite casting impossibilities if your fly rod and fly line are mismatched

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Correctly pairing rods with reels, and especially with fly lines and leader accouterments, can make or break your day.

Late Fall: The best fly fishing near you on untrampled water

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Fall is a great time for fly fishers easily seduced by the out-of-doors, being skilled casters, and can start fishing at lunchtime.

Opinion: Fly reels are works of art, as are my double barrels

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Big time fly reel performance started when a Tibor - Billy Pate reel showed it could slow down a 100-pound tarpon.
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Fast river flowing water of waterfall in Finland

Practice during Delayed Harvest and your trout skills-sets will multiply

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Delayed Harvest programs are popular, but its detractors say stocking over native fish dilutes native species' DNA into a weaker 'brand' of trout.

Cleveland and Pittsburgh, no, not football, steelhead

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"Steelheaders eventually become philosophers, but it's almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary . . ."

After a summer of donated flies, it’s time for better weed guards

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Anglers can tie weed guards onto a store-bought fly - even a non-fly tyer can take care of that, as the video shows.

A choice for public lands is now between two distinct energy futures

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"Trump's public-lands approach is rooted in the denial of any science that conflicts with their extractive agenda."
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