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Bear glacier

Melting glaciers threaten trouts worldwide

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The destroyer is at the gate, yet we do little to protect against the rapidly warming climate and the profound changes that it promises.
Bear in Alaska

Do salmon fertilize the forest, if so how?

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The decline of both wild Atlantic and Pacific salmons can be linked to several incapacitations - deforestation is one.

Trout Tube Flies

| Angie Roth, April Vokey, FEATURE STORY, Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Jay Nichols, Ruben Martin, Slide, Thom Glace, Tim Flagler, TJ Douglas, Tube Flies, YouTube | No Comments
Fly tyers that are innovators like Ruben Martin, Jay Nichols, and a long list of European Frödinflies customers carry the message tube flies..
A portrait of two caucasian male fly fishermen and their fly fishing guide standing on a beach on

If you release your fish, good, but keep it wet

| Blogs, Conservation, Domenick Swentosky, FEATURE STORY, Fly Fishing, Keep Them Wet, Slide, Thom Glace | No Comments
A wet release is a safe release and of enormous importance. Also, do not fight your fish to death with too-light tippets.
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Saltwater fishing fly rod and reel in the blurred background

Can you cast 40-feet, accurately?

| Brian Flechsig, Fly Casting, Fly Fishing, Kelly Galloup, Lefty Kreh, RECENT, Slide, Steve Rajeff, Thom Glace, Trout, YouTube | No Comments
In the modern era of Lefty Kreh, accuracy has slowly begun to replace the belief that distance has the first chair of importance.

Moscas tubo para pescar truchas

| Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, RECENT, Ruben Martin, Slide | No Comments
Ignorar el uso de moscas tubo, especialmente el atado de moscas pequeñas y clásicas de Rubén Martín, es desear menos.

Is choosing the best fly rod quantifiable?

| Advice, Capt. Andrew Derr, Fly Casting, Fly Fishing, Fly Rods, Henry Fly Rod & Reel, Opinion, RECENT, Slide, Thom Glace | No Comments
Choosing a fly rod is more straightforward than some want to make it. Today, finding a great, lifetime fly rod is all about your due diligence.

Atlantic salmon aquaculture is here forever

| Atlantic salmon, Atlantic Salmon Federation News, Conservation News, Hakai Magazine, RECENT, Slide, thermal tolerant salmon, Thom Glace | No Comments
It's good to care about the future of Atlantic salmon, but concentrating on stopping salmon aquaculture is a dead-end waste of time.
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