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Perkins turned a 1960s doggie bed company into a fly fishing empire

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Orvis' Leigh Perkins put his money where his heart was. He was a true outdoorsman, a true conservationist, and cared deeply about quality.
Bear on Alaska

Vladi’s nymphing has been reborn to new fathers of new nationalities

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Knowing that 70% of trout feed on the bottom isn't a clue as to where your fly should be to catch one, it's a siren, but still, I love to…

Seigler Fly Reels: This could be the real set it and forget it

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The Seigler reel has some highly visible design features that make so much sense one wonders why they were not "invented" long ago.
Bear on Alaska

Update May 7, 2021: Yesterday’s stories aggregated

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The following stories are older but worth your attention - covering fly fishing, gear, conservation, opinion, and more.
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Is there such a thing as a ‘great’ dirt-cheap combo?

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Combo rod and reel packages are not new, initially novice targeted, but now it's big league, high-end combos attracting experienced anglers.

Do tube flies have nine lives? No, but more than one for sure

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The most expensive flies are usually streamers, so tying one's own and on tubes should be a big plus for saving money.

Barnes’ Sofa Pillow fly is a meal compared to a snack hatch

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Classic trout flies and saltwater flies create, for me, a unique stimulus - to catch a fish on one even more stimulating.

Is Bass Pro maneuvering to be Costco of fly fishing?

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The fly fishing industry is only a $billion - if all periphery businesses counted, but it seems attractive to Bass Pros Morris.
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