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In modern spey fly casting, is the ‘line’ wagging the ‘rod?’

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The add-ons to spey lines seem mind-boggling, but they are only conveniences like the first 'section' of tippet for fishing different water columns.
Caucasian man tying a fly on his fly fishing line while fishing for salmon and searun cutthroat

Fly Tying: From chicken feathers to foam in a quarter-life

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Some tyers have resisted using foam, but it's not only useful in shaping but easy to use and adds, rather than detracts from the fun of tying.

Science knows how to sustain big tuna stocks, but some nations “really” don’t care

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The world's fishing fleet doubled in size over the 65-years to 2015, but the increased effort expended saw a catch drop of 80 percent.
Aurora in Alaska

Alaskan salmon fishers to Trump: Leave Tongass alone, Joe will fix it

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“I want to do everything I can, because this is our legacy. The Tongass is the closest thing we have to the Amazon.”
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A fly fisherman and his dog in northern Minnesota.

Fly Reel Rigging: Maybe you don’t know everything either

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No matter how smart we are about something, someone else is even smarter, and oddly that makes what we are mastering much more worthwhile.
Fly fishing rod in fisherman hand.

Changing of the Guard: It began with OPST and will soon be about Henry’s

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The important story here is using OPST-like fly lines, but introducing a better fly rod for casting them, like with a Henry will be a bigger story - stay tuned.
Presidential Election 2016

News We Missed: Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On… Trump and Bees to Rivergeddon

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We thought everything would settle down; it didn't. Social distancing means overcrowding on public lands, and Trump's not finished with destroying property yet.

Sharks: The origin of fly fishing for the alpha Piscivore and “Color Orange”

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Human activities like overfishing and shark finning threatens extinction in one in four of 465 known species of sharks living in our oceans.
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