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Steve Rajeff, the world’s long-cast champion for decades. With over 50 years of intensive fishing, 5 years fishing guiding in Alaska, 2 years in Montana – his experience is directly responsible for designing high performance fishing rods. Steve estimates he has developed over 2,500 rod models across all categories, during his 30 years as head of engineering for G. Loomis.

Are you casting for boast or trout and tarpon?

Skip Clement, New Zealand.

By Skip Clement

As you know, many rod makers and fly line manufacturers bump up their designations to promote the idea that “their” product increases the distance you can cast.

For some reason, many fly fishers are obsessed with their prowess being tied to their ability to cast a great distance. It may be a leftover from the fly-casting tournaments and made part of the culture as a fundamental achievement. 

Lately, in the modern era of Lefty Kreh, accuracy has slowly begun to replace a cheer for distance, although my friends admit it is fun to chuck a line 100 + feet. If you tarpon fish in the daytime, you will have opportunities to cast long distances, probably not 100-feet, but longer by far than trout fly casting distances.

Going long

If a pod of big tarpon is daisy chaining at a distance of 70-feet from you, the model trout cast of 30-feet is of no value.

Accuracy and speed of delivery outweigh all other concerns when fly fishing in most saltwater venues.

That hits the spot

In trout water, stealth and patience are as paramount as accuracy. A fly fisher who steps in the water without thought may have spooked a dozen fish; an opening cast of 30-feet in any riverine setting may scare off dozens of fish. 

However, in some saltwater situations with intermittent cover in front of you, casts to the closest structure first is prudent, then further after testing more immediate possibilities. 

Award winning watercolorist, Thom Glace. “Watercolor Study of a Northern Pike.”

In some freshwater situations, actively rising trout 40-feet away, or more might call for an initial cast to reach the commotion. 

Video, Kelly Galloup with Brian Flechsig, Mad River Outfitters owner, on casting



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