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Ruben Martin vuela pescados del retén


By Skip Clement

When one is predisposed to favor something, an idea, a way of doing something, a particular fly, a brand of fly rod or fly line, or a casting style, they can be criticized for that prejudice.

I, of course, have no such peccadilloes so my shedding light on this tube fly should make your day… without doubts.

It doesn’t count that I’m a lazy fly tyer, not particularly skilled, don’t like a bulging vest with plastic fly boxes, and account for all of that because I’m recognized as a champion of keeping it simple stupid.

I tied the following fly months ago with the full intention of introducing it to newly stocked trout at my friends family retreat in North Georgia, but the three tube flies never left my tying desk – until last week.

I didn’t take Ruben Martin’s Trout Baitfish Minnow to catch trout. I was going to introduce it to another friend’s real estate, a bass pond which is also in North Georgia, but only 30 minutes away not two hours.

The pond has never been tended to and has too many basses – all smallish. I’ve never caught one over 2-pounds – guessing at that. And for a reality check, I know when and where to fish that pond, so I’ve never even come close to being skunked – even in the rain, rain-swollen, and too cold.


Pro Tube Flexi Tube clear – easily substituted.

Pro Tube bullet – any metal tubing or weight desired, but bullet best.

White marabou.

Polar Flash pearl/silver.

Rabbit Strip white/black. I use white and stripped it light green and mottled it blackish.

Grizzly hackle and Pro Tube Cone Head – black. I had that in stock.

Eyes stick on silver. I had those.

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