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No organization or company covers more ground, no pun intended, than “Paddling”

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nything and everything regarding self-propelling water craft is covered. New products and reviews, SUPs, canoes and kayaks to life jackets. As a matter of fact, anything you could possibly wear or accoutrement you could put aboard is available via their dealer network.

Any meet-up event held anywhere on the planet is covered with detailed info

Fishing for big brookies in a canoe in Canada. Image

It’s not a poorly managed, out-of-control blog. These folk are serious and the caliber of their advertisers supports that. So, if you are into or getting into paddling a conveyance, sign up for their highly informative newsletter.

There’s plenty of meaty fishing info to be found, and that’s why we like ‘Paddling”

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