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Advice: Want a little carp catching insurance from the ‘riffle’ folks?

When it comes to fly tying videos, it is hard to leave INTHERIFFLE out of the short list of best there is

With carp fly fishing capturing the attention of even the Pipe & Club crowd, we turned to Intheriffle to see what they had up their lens’. Sho’nuff, they were on top of it.

Here, to start you off is a “catching” carp video – not watching someone waiting to catch a carp, not someone fishing for carp, but someone catching carp, a lot of carp

Then, of course, you need at least one fly that is guaranteed (we’re told) to interest any self-respecting big-ass carp. It’s called the Hybrid Carp Worm (a favorite of carp fishing fanatic John Montana), and it could not be easier to tie. No special nothing – you probably have what you will need right at hand (yes, you can substitute without penalty).

The Hybrid Carp Worm is a must have fly when chasing carp!  It is tied with the three best carp fly tying materials: Worm Chenille, Peacock Herl and Soft Hackle.

Tip: With your lighter, burn the red velvet chenille tip so it looks like a worm’s head.


Hook: #06-08 Tiemco 2499SP-BL
Eyes: Small Black Brass Eyes  
Thread: Black UTC 70
Tail: Fine Red Velvet Chenille  
Body: Peacock Herl  
Hackle: Natural India Hen Back 


INTHERIFFLE website . . .

NOTE: Featured Image credit by James / Carp Fly Fishing Tactics and Information

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