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Screenshot Prairie Doggin’ Pupa

Gary LaFontaine’s Caddis Pupa Prairie Doggin’ Pupa

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Prairie Doggin’ Pupa is a modern twist on Gary LaFontaine’s Caddis Pupa. The Prairie Doggin’ Pupa is a little different. The body is extended past the end of the hook and more compact.

You can also achieve more reliable and more consistent body profiles with the technique used on the Prairie Doggin’ Pupa. You can tie this fly on a heavy wire, short shank hook in combination with a tungsten bead.

The short shank gives the fly a more life-like appeal, and the tungsten bead allows you to use the fly as a dropper below a caddis dry.

This fly was tied in olive for this video, but Amber, Tan and Cream are also very effective colors.  Fun little fly to tie and very effective as a pupa imitation  

Prairie Doggin’ Pupa Fly Tying Recipe:

Hook: #16 Daiichi 1120 Hook (#12,14 and 18 are also suitable)

Bead: Black 2mm (5/64″) Tungsten Bead

Thread: Olive Veevus 10/0, 12/0 or 14/0

Underbody: Light/Cream Hare’s Ear Dubbing (or similar)

Body: Light Olive Z-Lon (or Antron Substitute)

Antennae: 3,4 or 5 LB Maxima Chameleon

Collar: Dark Hare’s Ear Dubbing








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