Detailed underwater photo of smallmouth bass fish micropterus dolomieu. Image provided by Eric Engbretson,  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – a commons image

The publisher-editor, staff, and contributors of this magazine are appreciators of most art forms and fly tying is one of those art forms

By Skip Clement, publisher emeritus

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’d lost track of Jack Reis, a guide, photographer, blogger, and videographer with a home port of Denver via Maine and the Northwest – not sure or the timeline.

I found him again while reading a Deneki Outdoors blog and clicked on Reis’ tying Vimeo. It’s yet another version of the Clouser Minnow pattern that he calls Jigged Clouser Minnow [JCM].

The interest in it here is that the JCM fly not only performs best jigged but that Reis ties it on a jigging hook. That makes sense and adds to the jigging action with more manageability and less effort.

Our editor, Captain Andrew Derr is a seasoned guide/captain with lengthy tours in the Adirondacks, Florida Keys, and the last dozen or more years splitting his time on the seasonal flats of Long Island Sound and famed fall Striper Blitz in Montauk. He felt the JCM fly had more useful advantages in saltwater flats venues for tarpon, permit, snook and bonefish.

The only other animals that would show interest in the JCM fly, a staffer, me, and two contributors guessed were smallies and bucket mouths. Respectively, smallmouth bass [Micropterus dolomieu], and largemouth bass [Micropterus salmoides].

Watch and listen to Reis’ vimeo . . .


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