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Tarpon [Megalops atlanticus]. Occurs in warm temperate tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This coastal fish can be found both inshore and offshore. Because of its ability to gulp air directly into the air bladder by “rolling” at the surface, the tarpon is able to enter brackish and fresh waters that are stagnant and virtually depleted of oxygen. Such areas are relatively free of predators, thus offering a convenient refuge for the young. IGFA World Record All Tackle – 286 lbs 9oz ( 129.98 kg); Tippet Class – 202 lbs, 8 oz. Photo Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

A small tarpon fly that punches way beyond its weight class

By Skip Clement

Although of low quality, this 2008 YouTube ‘how to tie’ a Tarpon Shrimp, tied at The Caddis Fly in Oregon, has away game statistics in the Florida Keys, Belize, Cuba, and The Bahamas that merits “Don’t Leave Home” without a dozen.

Tie on a ‘tube’ or hook. And remember to keep it small – 1/0 hook size, for example 

NOTE: Featured Image is of tarpon on the move. There are many examples of tarpon tied to moon phases like spawning, destination patterns of arrival, and departure. BTT image.


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