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Close-up of a edible frog sneaking out of water in summer

While looking for lunch it became lunch.

It’s not fancy, but irresistible for local Georgia largemouth pond bass and crappie

By Skip Clement

Angie Roth’s Argentine angler friend and fellow lawyer, Yolanda Durate, visited us. We got to fish some North Georgia Private property ponds holding largemouth bass and big crappies and the frog poppers she obtained from her niece, the fly tyer in the video; we hit home runs all-day.

The poppers had what many frog patterns often do not have, distinctive and permanently spread rear legs that swim naturally. The latter seems to be the trigger, or at least it was what we thought.

Yolanda had brought sizes #1, 1/0, and 2/0. The latter on 2X long. All of the poppers engaged anxious feeders. We asked Duarte if she had any experience with trouts and the popper, but she hadn’t. Collectively, we were of the opinion that trouts in stillwater would be interested in smaller versions. Who knows?

Hypno Toad


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