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It seems Aquaculture’s Cooke Seafood has issues managing open pen Atlantic salmon fish farming with health [fungus here, weather, oxygen depravation, and other health matters]. Photo Compassion Over Killing.

Let’s clear the air with fish-farming facts

By Thomas Trappenberg / Green Party of Nova Scotia / June 17, 2020

“As of this moment, the facts are that open-pen fish farms often consume more protein than they produce. It takes more food to grow the fish than the food value contained in the fish), and severe problems of contamination from feces, antibiotics, and sea lice from the farmed fish into the open ocean remain unsolved.”

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The much imitated Clouser Minnow

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One of the classic flies that has proven it gets eaten in freshwater, saltwater, and the brackish tidewaters of marshes and a coastal network of human-made canals, is Bob Clouser’s Minnow in any one of its many adaptations. 

Teasing everything from bonefish to tarpon, stripers to largemouth bass, and salmons to redfish and trouts into an eat.


Clouser Minnow Fly Tying Recipe:

Hook: #1/0-08 Tiemco 811S

Thread: White UTC 140

Eyes: Lead Red Dumbbell Eyes

Tail: White Bucktail

Collar1: Pearl Krystal Flash

Collar2: Chartreuse Bucktail


It is straightforward and like most killer flies, it’s easy to tie in its original build. 

Tracy Nguyen-Chung, founder of Brown Folks Fishing, says: “The longer learning curve in this sport is part of the joy of the process.” Photo credit Matty Wong.

Casting about for a pandemic-friendly pastime? Eight reasons to consider fly-fishing

It’s not very often that anyone compares a Brad Pitt movie to a worldwide pandemic, but that’s what’s happening in the world of fly-fishing. While other businesses try to dig themselves out from the damaging effects of the novel coronavirus and quarantine, many fly-fishing shops across the country are noticing a different trend:

Business is booming

“We’ve been doing this for 160 years, and the last time we saw a push this big was when Brad Pitt made ‘A River Runs Through It,’ ” says Simon Perkins, the newly appointed president of fly-fishing giant Orvis. The movie was based on the book of the same name by Norman Maclean.

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Video Pro Tips: How to Set the Hook

By Phil Monahan / Orvis News / July 8, 2020

The latest video in the series “Q&A” from Brian Flechsig of Mad River Outfitters in Columbus, Ohio, he ansers several questions about hook-setting. He addresses the proper way to maintain control of your line, the correct angle to set the hook with your rod, and how to the current affects how you should set.





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