Visit this link to sign the petition to save the snook

Captain Lowder with a beautiful Charlotte Harbor snook.

Captain Lowder with a beautiful Charlotte Harbor snook.

Friend, mentor and guide, Captain Austin Lowder, started this petition on behalf of the Charlotte Harbor Restoration Society. He would love to see as many signatures to save the snook as possible.

Please take the 30 seconds to click on the link above to ensure the future of one of sportfishing’s most cherished gamefish.

CHRS will personally deliver the petition to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commision meeting on June 19th in Lakeland, Florida.

Please feel free to share this petition and get behind the cause.  It will only help the future of Florida Snook Sportfishing.

Ask yourself,

“Do you want to catch Snook in the future or eat snook tonight for dinner?”

The Snook fishery of southwest Florida and the Everglades is among the best in the world, but due to a variety of factors including winter kill, red tide, over-harvesting, habitat degradation and loss, water quality and others the snook continue to struggle. The sight fishing is world-class. But this fishery will only remain healthy if we take care of it. Although the fishery is one of the most closely studied and regulated in Florida, it still deserves special attention.

The freeze of 2010 caused the loss of a significant portion of the snook population, both adults and juveniles. Although the snook population has been through these types of freezes before (1979 for example) and has always recovered, two things are different now: there is less habitat to support snook, and there are more people fishing. To ensure that we have a healthy snook fishery into the future, we feel that the West Coast closure for snook should continue through the end of 2014, so that the population has a few years to replenish.


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