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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ome say you’re selfish if you want to protect the environment. I think it’s responsible to be selfish about lots of things like family, home and, of course, the environment.

The environment has treated me to so many great memories of fly fishing some of the greatest fishing holes in the world. I’ve seen countless sunrises and sun sets in foreign lands – vistas a photographer could never capture, and fun times of feats and follies with fellow anglers – and lots more.

Here’s the question; what if my home waters are threatened by mining, clear cutting, fracking, farm run-off pollution or bad legislation. Would you care? You’d probably never fish my waters and I probably not yours. However, you should care because you’d be asking me to care if the reverse were true. So we’re all in this together and we need to collectively care about places like Bristol Bay and protecting tarpon and bonefish and many other less publicized insults and threats to nature’s watersheds, lakes, bays, oceans and game fish.

New England clear cutting destroyed stream at top of picture.

New England clear cutting destroyed stream at top of picture.

We need to care about all threats to the environment by greedy mining companies, developers and crooked politicians. We need to pay attention. When someone asks us to sign a petition, contact congressional leaders, write to fisheries commissioners  – we need to pitch in.

If only a small cadre of concerned local anglers try to do battle with powerful commercial interests that threaten to destroy their fishery, they’d be defeated in an uphill battle. But if a national voice shouts loud and clear – that’s a different story.

To help fend off threats – join groups like Trout Unlimited, Federation of Fly Fishers, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, The Billfish Foundation, International Game Fish Association or the Sierra Club – for example. Support local or regional clubs or association that have environmental agendas.

Remember, you resemble your fellow anglers and when they ask for your help, I hope you will come to their aid; step up to the plate – they’d do the same for you.

Here’s your chance to help Florida’s anglers influence Florida Fish and Wild Life Commissioners to pass a proposed law the would grant tarpon and bonefish catch and release only status. They meet on June 12, 2013.

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