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Corporate Welfare: Big Sugar is Florida’s Yersinia pestis; no end in site

Cartoon from Jason Harrison's post in The SWFL Clean Water Movement (McGregor, Florida).

Cartoon from Jason Harrison’s post in The SWFL Clean Water Movement (McGregor, Florida).

No end in site

The outrageous poisoning of South Florida waters: ecologically significant environments, millions of acres of prime game fish and commercially valuable fisheries, Lake Okeechobee, St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee rivers and starving Everlades National Park of natural fresh water supply is hated by 75% of Florida voters. The latter is destroying Florida Bay with overly saline water that results in devastating algae blooms.

Not a fan of welfare? Forget mom and her kids. Look at corporate welfare if you really want to be disgusted

Big Sugar’s welfare program has been supported by U. S. taxpayers for decades and protected by current and past governors, respectively Rick Scott and Jeb Bush.

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