Millions of years of ecological harmony, millions of salmons and an indigenous peoples way of life discarded…until recently

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ver millions of years the Elwha (that is what Northwests indigenous people called the river) created a perfectly balanced eco system that stretched from the Pacific to the Elwha’s headwaters. The river supported one of richest chinook and chum salmon runs in Washington. Runs of millions of spawing salmon each year.

The post spawn salmon carcases fed the trouts, critters, birds and game, as well as fertilized the near forest floor with animal droppings. The ecological richness was unmatched.

In 1927, white man damned the Elwha

In 2014, it was undamed and the salmon are returning. We got the Elwha right, finally.

Watch history being made – the rejoining of the Elwha.

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