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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he clothing line, DH Lovefish, is the brainchild of Diallo House. Originally from Ithaca New York, Diallo House is a fly fisherman, fly tyer, jazz musician, clothing designer and self taught painter who believes:

Reflection is my primary inspiration. The world surrounds us with distinct auditory and visual clues, that allow individuals to conceptualize with great detail, the nuances of perspective. Even sounds can be translated into a shape by way of action. Many forms are changed by time and some remain unmoved by anything but light casting a shadow. The shadow is an accurate deformity that for me becomes an idea, even after light has rendered a shape for my eye to interpret. I still improvise what art has to be, because it is always evolving in my mind.


Fly fishing from a young age in upstate New York, Diallo fell for all components of the sport like so many of us do. He was just twelve at the time and skipped school to go to Ithaca Falls to see if there were salmon in the river. There he was watching the man who became his mentor, Eric Seidler, casting effortlessly in the river. With that Diallo was hooked. Diallo remembers his friend, now passed away, fondly. So all these years later, it makes perfect sense that his affection for fishing found it’s way into the art that he produces on a constant basis.

Megalops Hash Tag Plaid

Megalops Hash Tag Plaid. Show your tarpon love out on the town.

The Company Line

14595636_10154568943669666_2710005596063872805_nD.H. Lovefish creates unique couture items while capturing the beauty of aquatic organisms. A unique company spawned from the prospective of an avid fly-fishing enthusiast and aquatic educator. The primary goal of D.H. Lovefish is to create an original e-commerce website that will provide the ultimate platform for showcasing new collections. The D.H. Lovefish online platform and brand itself is designed to push forward a massive wake of creativity. We aim to raise heads and focus on gathering resources for the production of exciting new clothing and items made here in the U.S.A. D.H. Lovefish collections currently produce a variety of made on demand and custom items. The collections include beautiful art tees (some hand-painted & silk-screened, some digitally printed). There are also handmade one of a kind giant squares, scarves, and printed but luxury foulards (silk squares) and custom, limited edition dress shirts for men and women.

The Collections

The three collections on the site pay homage to three different magnificent water dwelling creatures:

The Megalops Collection pays homage to the mighty Atlantic tarpon (megalops atlanticus) one of the most sought after and humbling game fish species. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of concerned biologists, conservationists, and anglers, the tarpon and their habitats are now being protected.

The Tunny Collection pays homage to the super-fast swimming false albacore (euthynnus alletteratus). It is an amazing species that attracts anglers from all over the world.

Tunnie collection pays respect tp the green speedsters in glory.

Tunnie collection pays respect tp the green speedsters in glory.

The Ephoron Collection pays homage to one of our most important indicator species, mayflies. Ephoron is a genus of mayflies found throughout the world. They are major food sources for many fish, birds and other animals. They represent a major numerical diversity in the animal kingdom and are indicators of high water quality in fresh water ecosystems. The artist feels it is imperative to represent them.

DH Lovefish in action.

DH Lovefish creating the Ephoron Collection.

DH Lovefish late night session.

DH Lovefish late night session.

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