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Dragonfly’s Marsh Hen. It’s advantage, you can fish where the birds walk

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you like to go fishing on whim, and alone – like just go – this is the conveyance meant for you. The “Hen” is a hassle free experience. It’s lightweight – one person manageable, but with more internal dry storage space than needed for a day on the water.


The wheels allow you to get in where only canoes, kayaks and birds fish. No ramp required. The wheels come off.

The wheels allow you to get in where only canoes, kayaks and birds fish. No ramp required. The wheels come off.

Fore & aft storage with Dri-Dek; exterior trim 3/4-inch J Rail; interior trim 3/8-inch; Bow eye; rounded chines for quiet entry; built-in spray rails; built-in non-skid floor; 9.9 HP engine. Composite fiberglass lamination in your choice of color: Aqua Mist, Seafoam Green, or Fighting Lady Yellow.

50-inch Beam, 15-foot length, 6 gallons of fuel and weighs 135-pounds soaking wet. A slew of options available.

Boat, motor, trailer: $13,000 – no dealer mark-up.

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Echo 3 Rajeff Sports, a fly rod for the ages

Tim Rajeff’s Echo 3 rods are the equal of several $800 rods, but sell for almost a third less. One look and you’d have to agree they are superior, one cast and you’d have to agree they are superior and guiding with it for three years – any client who used it on Capt. Andrew Derr’s boat have agreed Echo 3 is a superior fly rod.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Echo 3 rods have been correctly labeled as fast action, but don’t think that stiffness bothers an intermediate level caster – it just doesn’t. The rod is very responsive to line loading and even performs very well when overlined. With some rod designs, claimant to fast action, stiffness is an issue for casters with less than very good casting skills.

Noticeable immediately are the rods’ slim diameters for any given weight and that they all are very, very light-in-hand. However, there’s no timidity in any of the sticks when engaging a Boca Grande tarpon, a big Montauk striper or Georgia Blue Ridge brown.

The Echo 3’s freshwater models are available at fly shops for $350, 3- thru 8-weight (7-foot 6-inches to 10-feet). Saltwater models are available at fly shops for $380, 6- thru 12-weight (all 9-feet). All rods come with a slotted sock with two ties and a hard Cordura rod tube.

Both fresh and saltwater rods are 4 piece.

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3TAND Reels, like Echo rods, are sweet deals without any compromises, and dads like that

Screenshot 2015-06-17 13.42.17It’s the look and feel of a 3 TAND reel that appeals, but it’s the inner workings that make it a keeper. For example, the sealed NanoCF Drag™ (nano carbon fiber) is one of the smoothest and strongest drags available.

Treating carbon fiber with a unique process affording 3TAND fly reels being able to, literally,  take a beating that’s’ always dished out in extreme fishing conditions. Add to that a waterproof housing that protects the mechanics of the reel and you’re insured of a long reel life.

Match all of the above with the ergonomic structure of the light-weight and durable frame, the interchangeable spools, the hidden counter weights, and a mid-range price; now you have true innovation.

The 3-TAND™ T-Series large arbor and mid-arbor fly reels are available in 5-weight to 15-weight fly reels, and our new line of light weight TF-Series reels are available in 2-weight to 7-weight.

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Dad is cool, right. Buy Truflies made for fishing clothing and dad will be even cooler, and he’ll  catch more fish, maybe


Bokeelia Seersucker – Long Sleeve

Screenshot 2015-06-17 14.39.44Trueflies has a complete line of durable, attractive fishing clothes. Clothes that can be worn in the toughest fishing venue or worn as casual dinner attire. You don’t have to look like you belong on Duck Dynasty when you go fishing.

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