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The knots have it.

Sometimes modifying works out

It’s a tenkara knot and a slip knot, one of several, by trade name, and probably not as strong as the line it’s tied with, but I’ve suffered no failures with crappie, trouts, largemouth, or a few barely into double-digit hybrid stripers. Also, I never go over the 20-pound tippet strength limit set by IGFA, and in no case do I use a 20-pound test to fly fish here in North Georgia.

Moreover, it’s faster to secure than anything I have previously used as a tippet to fly knots [Clinch, Davy, Orvis, Duncan Loop, and a few more].

Here’s the difference

I tie the tenkara by looping the line THREE times around my INDEX FINGER using in to out circling, then put the tag into the opposite side of the three loops and slowly tighten, ensuring the loops pull together aligned. And it seems they will always auto-align if not jerked – check it out.

NOTE: I’m sure somebody else figured what I describe. Nonetheless, it’s till the Tenkara Knot.

The video is by Tenkara USA


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