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Sparkle Minnow 2.0. George Daniels’ version of Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow.

The Sparkle offers the angler a Mo Betta – do more streamer fly

By Skip Clement

A few days ago [June 11, 2020], the Wladyslaw Trzebunia of 2020, our own [USA] international tournament angler, George Daniel tied up a streamer on YouTube that he has learned to count on over the last dozen or so years.

It’s a rendition of a fly he learned about on a western waters float trip and initially called Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow. Now he unpacks it as Sparkle Minnow 2.0.t

The Sparkle is rather fun to tie on a hook or tube but requires, in either case, a few techniques that chase tying this fly out of the simple or basic tyers league. For those not yet set up for tying tube flies . . .

George Daniel – Orvis photo.


Hook: Partridge Trout Predator #4

Wire: Non-lead

Conehead: Tungsten or Black Brass

Tail: Marabou – Light Olive over White

Body: White Schlappen/Polar Chenille [twisted Bugger style]

Wing: Copper Ripple Ice Fiber

Click here and take your shot at tying the Sparkle Minnow 2.0 . . .  


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