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Fly fishing, etching by Winslow Homer – commons image.

Hit the tying bench and give both these beetles a try

By Skip Clement

I haven’t seen any beetles yet because the weather hasn’t decided to make a full disclosure about autumn, which is when these beetles [terrestrials] make their entrance. Once they show near where you fish, run on down to the stream, pond, creek, lake, or river you like to fish, check your knots, and hang on. It’s going to be fun watching beetle eats. It always is.

Highlighted here is a more recent Makflies Autumn Beetle, but the earlier Makflies Autumn Beetle seems to work better here for me in North Georgia. Still, I make sure I have at least six of each and fill in what’s missing from last year or tie six if I’m out.

To get the best results, tie both and see what your scorecard looks like?


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