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Permit Study by Mike Savlen

Mike’ been full throttle since childhood and at forty-something his foot is still on the accelerator.
[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ike grew up the oldest of three Salven children in Plymouth, Massachusetts. He had this to say about the town of Plymouth, his dad, fly fishing, art and his youth:
“The ocean was five minutes down the street and the town has more ponds with fish in them then there are days of the year. My dad loved to fly fish and with great patience he taught me how to cast, how to catch fish and most importantly how to enjoy the places that fly fishing took me. By the time I was four, my parents said that I was impossible to harness. The woods, water and out-of-doors fascinated me. My parents let me go tearing through the woods by myself, getting into all sorts of crazy mischief. Often, they had to come rescue me from any number of predicaments that I had gotten into. I never wanted to be in the house. I wanted to be outside no matter the weather. A snow storm, a spring day, boiling hot, fall with golden leaves or raining cats and dogs, I just loved it and I still do. If I was in the house and wasn’t sleeping, I was drawing, painting or creating something. I sold my first painting when I was 16 years old.”


Check out Mike’s work at or call 1-603-456-609.


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