[dropcap]B[/dropcap]y eliminating the slack line required for conventional tie-ups, PSI Marine’s TideSlide Mooring System also gets rid of the inertial loading usually generated by a moored boat. TideSlides are great for personal docks since they only require one side tie, either port or starboard. They also don’t have to match up with the cleats.

TSBlockTideSlide’s vertical movement absorbs any built-up energy, enabling a boat to be safely and securely held even in the presence of wind, waves and tides. The patented design uses a solid 316L grade stainless steel shaft and specially engineered, proprietary polymer mooring block. Easy to install, they will last for years without any maintenance. Incredibly simple to use, children and non-boating friends can now assist owners when docking. TideSlides feature a built-in hook for stowage.

This mooring system is storm-tested and was built to meet the rigorous standards of the US Navy Heavy Weather Mooring Codes. Using TideSlides increases the chances of a vessel surviving catastrophic storms.

In addition, this system takes the confusion out of securing a boat, since there’s no more guessing on how long the lines need to be for any given tide. TideSlide is suitable for vessels of all sizes.


Prices start at $329 and include US shipping and hardware.

Contact TideSlide Mooring Systems by PSI Marine, Inc., 3075 Shattuck #801, Saginaw, MI 48603. Toll-free 800-780-6094, 989-695-2646. psisales@psimarine.com or website here . . .



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