[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hile FLM.com prides itself as a fly fishing publication, I am of the strong belief that successful saltwater fishing must often employ the use of spinning gear to gain as much intel as one can to succeed on the fly fishing front. It is simply easier to cover more water, more efficiently with spinning gear. We frequently employ spinning rigs to locate fish or occasionally to tease them within reasonable fly casting distance from the boat. This season, I have been using the Kodiak 4000 from KastKing and have been really impressed with this relative newcomer’s attention to balance, quality and build.

KastKing Kodiak 4000. Affordable elegance.

KastKing Kodiak 4000. Affordable elegance.

After happily using their braided lines for years, I decided to try their spinning reels. KastKing introduced its newest spinning reel to date, the Kodiak series, at ICAST this past July. I got my hands on one shortly thereafter and so far I have been wholly impressed. It has performed flawlessly on big bluefish and adult stripers. It is light and balances the 7′ rod on which it is mounted very nicely. The drag is smooth and the detents when setting the drag audibly click as the drag engages. When the drag is loosened and the knob is removed, there is a clever little rubber gasket to keep water out. So far, it hasn’t hesitated once when a fish is running against the drag. The reel feels solid. It really looks great and spins effortlessly. Drag is strong, and smooth. Drag knob turns effortlessly and smoothly. I look forward to putting this reel through more rigorous testing off of Montauk this Fall. Thus far, the Kodiak gets very high marks. I also look forward to forthcoming developments from KastKing products as the seem to really be hitting their stride in the industry right now.

The Company Line-

  • All zero-flex solid aluminum body, aluminum rotor and CNC machined aluminum spool.
  • Enhanced 15% thicker stainless steel main shaft, fortified brass gears, and a carbon fiber drag system that gives the Kodiak 39.5 lbs. / 18 Kg of massive power to fight the largest saltwater trophy fish.
  • Exact manufacturing tolerances and high quality 10 + 1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings make Kodiak incredibly smooth.
  • New special design aluminum spool and rotor structure prevent water and sand from getting in and are exceptionally strong yet light weight. Saltwater ready.
  • MSRP $87.98

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Visit the KastKing and Eposeidon website for more information about the Kodiak and hundreds of other fine fishing products.


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