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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]┬árecently got a chance to wear Grizzly Sunglasses‘ new flagship polarized fishing glasses and was pleasantly surprised and impressed. The Pro’s are an attractive, lightweight, quality choice for your fishing and hunting needs. They are priced reasonably and retain their affordability despite quality optics via their glare cutting poly-carbonate polarized lenses.

Grizzly Pro Polarized Sunglasses

So far I have duck hunted and fly fished on the flats with the Grizzly Pro’s with very good results. The wraparound frames felt comfortable and light while also blocking a lot of side light from my periphery. The grey tinted lenses allowed me to see clearly in a range of light conditions, from fairly low light to very sunny conditions. I am not used to a grey lens allowing me to see in the lower light conditions but these specific lenses seem to offer that low light clarity and performed well. The camouflage frames are attractive, comfortable, and fit in out on the water or in the duck blind or tree stand.

While Grizzly offers several models of polarized sunglasses, I think that the Pro’s are best suited to fishing. The lenses are available in blue, grey, sunrise and amber. The attractive frames are available in camouflage and black.

Currently priced at $29.95, the Grizzly Pro’s fall at a price point that is accessible to most people. If you tend to lose or damage your glasses and want to try something more affordable, the Pro’s maybe for you. If you have never tried a quality pair of wraparound polarized glasses, this would be a great place to start. Or if you simple want to try some great glasses that happened to not break the bank, try them out. You won’t be disappointed.


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