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Jim Murphy brought into Hardy, Greys, et al. stock of companies to prop up a consistently sluggish North American presence. He’s succeeding spectacularly.

Greys Tital Reel ~ July 21, 2021

Orlando ICAST

Highly regarded by the angling community, the Greys Tital reel combines European heritage and innovative design. As voted on by an international collection of fishing media and retailers, we are excited to announce the Greys Tital reel has been awarded Best Fly Reel at ICAST.

Already highly regarded by European anglers, Greys makes a splash in U.S. waters with the introduction of their flagship reel, the Tital. With its sleek industrial design and sealed carbon-disc drag, the Tital is as at home on the riverbank as it is on the beach.


Constructed of high-quality bar stock and machine finished, the Tital is an excellent choice for freshwater and saltwater situations. It offers the modern fly angler a high-performance reel at a surprisingly accessible price point.

Key Features

High-quality bar stock, machine-finished construction

Sealed carbon-disc drag system

Modern, large-arbor industrial design

Protective reel pouch

Available spare spools

Sizes and Specs 

Line Rating: 3-weight to 10-weight


$225.95 to $279.95


September 2021

Hardy Ultralite X Fly Rod ~ July 14, 2021

Hardy’s legacy as the gold standard in fly-fishing gear began in 1872 and continues today as the company maintains its leadership position in constructing dynamic and original offerings in both fresh and saltwater. Including the new Hardy Ultralite X rod—the lightest and most versatile rod in the Hardy collection.

Designed and crafted to excel even in extreme conditions, the Ultralite X allows you to gain more casting distance and handle difficult-to-throw flies no matter the needs. Significantly faster than the standard Hardy Ultralite, the Ultralite X is the racecar of the rod rack. Sintrix NSX is combined with a greater percentage of high-modulus carbon fiber for higher recovery rates to drive tight loops and throw articulated patterns with ease. In addition, the more powerful butt section allows anglers to lift deeply sunk lines, pressure large fish away from the structure and handle specialized fly lines with more aggressive tapers than the average rod can.

Key Features

• Sintrix NSX combined with a greater percentage of high-modulus carbon fiber

• Rapid-taper blank design maximizes material performance

• Rod of choice for high-performance situations

• Coming September 2021

Sizes and Specs

Line Rating: 5-weight to 8-weight

Rod Length: 9-feet to 10-feet

Rod Action: Medium-Fast

Reel Seat: Up-lock

Number of Pieces: 4

Guide Type: Ceramic-lined titanium recoil guides MSRP: $850.00

Color: Bronze





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