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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]om Pero, the publisher of Wild River Press, produces the highest quality books possible – any genre. That would include aesthetics of design to content. Pero is also an outstanding editor and writer. His publishing focus is fly fishing and field hunting – a few of my favorite things.

Some of his titles are already universally accepted as classics. One of which I own. “A Passion for Tarpon” by Andy Mill. It is the quintessential book on tarpon – from fishing for them in the 1800s to how you should go about catching them today and everything in between. I honestly refer to it every year that tarpon gets in my crosshairs – even having been there and done that many times before. It’s that good.

The art of self-promoting

A publisher has to be a “blingster,” a writer is usually not, but Drew Chicone is. He is also a master at tying flies and willing inheritor of his fellow tyers’ unique worms we wiggle – much the source of one of his many unique promoting talents.

Pero undertook publishing Chicone’s three volumes collection – a considerable commitment of time and money by an astute talent scout.

I have not had the opportunity to review a copy of any one of the three volumes – a total of 900 pages. But having read a couple of Tom’s published books loaned to me and owning one, I am comfortable saying that Chicone’s book would, at least, be a coffee table book that gets opened. Too, the author is particularly good at explaining recipes and instructions.

Chicone’s books, one or all, would be more than gratefully accepted as a gift


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