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Industry News: RIO’s indicator has a buzz going

Note: We’ll be testing and reviewing Kahuna LT so stay tuned while we put this new and unique product thru its paces for you.

IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO (April 1, 2019) – RIO, manufacturer of lines, leaders, tippet, flies, and accessories for the demanding fly fisher, brings innovative strike indicators to anglers with the introduction of its Kahuna LT.

The Kahuna LT is a subtle strike indicator made from a section of high-floating fly line with the core removed. By breaking off the desired length, anglers can slide their chosen piece up the leader through the hollow core where it will grip and stay in place. To make it easy to attach, a wire threader is included in each pack. The result is a highly sensitive indicator that does not damage or kink the leader.

The Kahuna LT is available in two sizes; thin for calmer water and lighter weight flies, and thick for fast water and heavier flies. Each pack contains three, 1-foot sections of Kahuna LT in white, orange, and chartreuse. Find them at your nearest RIO dealer for $9.99.

Watch this video for more information.

About RIO Products:

RIO is a pioneer in developing fly lines, leaders and tippet material to enhance fly fishing experiences across the globe. Offering premium fly lines for both freshwater and saltwater fishing applications, RIO consistently utilizes field experience and scientific testing to create the best products on the market for anglers. Founded 20 years ago in the mountains of Idaho, RIO continues to develop innovative products, design revolutionary tapers and refine performance-driven fly line technologies. For more information about RIO Products, please visit www.rioproducts.comConnect with us through FacebookInstagram, and Vimeo.

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