What has life been like without an Inflatable Cooler or a Luminoodle?

One is not make believe refrigeration, and the other is not edible. What they are is unique, relatively new, innovative and useful gear.

Stash Inflatable Coolers:

West Marine seems to have the leg up on the distribution of the “Stash” Inflatable Coolers. Portable coolers have been with us for quite a while. They’re handy in your truck, fixed camping or in your Jon Boat “yacht,” but nobody has had the capability of folding up their cooler – until now.

There are two models – shown are the “C” models. They are smaller.

What would be the advantages of an inflatable cooler?

Maybe the best one is that post consumption of all the food you can hit the deflate button, fold it up and haul it out in a bag. Not heavy like a hard body cooler that requires two offensive linemen to carry. Think mom – in a bag over her shoulder.

These coolers are solid when inflated, durable in use and do the job of keeping things cold.

The “build” technology has creds (SUP boards, drift boats). It’s called Drop Stitch manufacturing.

These coolers are expensive – $400 for smallest to $1,000 for grande. The largest sizes are more suited to commercial use or big vessel cold storage. Enough for two bodies!

What the H$#l is a Luminoodle?

This is the Light Rope model – $20 plus shipping.

Mary, one of my angling friend’s is a night hawk fisher. She says these Luminoodles are the cat’s meow getting her safely set up at her honey holes before work. She said, “Being there when the bite starts means you’re well on your way pre-dawn. Although I carry (gun and flashlight), seeing while setting up on a moonless night in the woods is impossible and dangerous without good lighting.”

She went on to say that pulling out the Luminoodle Lite Rope and just stringing it out on the ground, or a branch provides all the light she needs to do the final rig up, sip hot coffee, munch on a bagel and wait for her favorite time of day, first light or telltale splash.


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