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By Skip Clement

Our Thursday coffee klatch meeting at a small bakery and coffee shop in Kennesaw, Georgia, had been disbanded because of COVID 19. The quaint shop couldn’t survive the series of missteps that have unnecessarily extended the Pandemics impact, so it folded.

We now meet at a member’s house that could be Tara, the O’Hara plantation house in the revival movie of Gone With The Wind. All seven of us are comfortably seated at the dining room table that could, I guess, seat 16 comfortably and be COVID spacing approved. Yes, it’s a huge dining room.

We are usually at full force for the late morning pastries, fresh fruit, and coffee from Guatemala when the first Thursday of the month rolls around. 

Angie Roth, my oft times fishing partner, had come up with a fly and a video that got a four to three vote. It’s a trout favorite on most of the “Hootch” feeder streams [Chattahoochee River] and the predominant trout crowd’s choice amidst our clan. My Merkin, Strong Arm Merkin by Dave Skok, came in second, and it was agreed to be October’s fly.

Angie’s fly is a midge, which she said has a 12-month service use, as most midges do, but the size does matter, and most agreed with the color and how swum, of course.

Here’s is September’s choice by Makflies: 



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