Used For Joining Lines

Blood Knot graphic used with permission from Fly Fishing the Florida Keys: The Guides Guide by Clement and Derr. Illustration by Frank Zorman.

Blood Knot Notes:

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he blood knot becomes difficult to seat when over 20 pound test monofilament is used, but it is a 100% strength knot and used extensively in saltwater applications with diameters greater than 20-pound test. It is also difficult to tie and seat when the line diameters are greatly dissimilar. For example, 15-pound tied to 40-pound test line. However, see NOTE.

NOTE: When one of the lines is much smaller diameter, fold that line back on itself and then tie the blood knot using the two strands as one. This knot adjustment is credited to Stu Apte.


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