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“BEHOLD” Photo provided by Marcia Brownlee, program manager for Artemis.

By Skip Clement

Artemis is a grassroots organization for women anglers and hunters, wildlife conservationists, and public lands defenders

Kara believes that we must do everything in our power to encourage women to get involved on the local, state and national level to preserve our resources for sportswomen of future generations. Kara knows we cannot make a difference if we do not have a voice, and women’s voices can be especially strong. Artemis embodies this perfectly and she’s looking forward to the swell of women speaking out for conservation and sportswoman issues across the country.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]heir sound is distinctive in today’s noisy conservation world for these reasons: they are not single outdoor activity centric, they are an all women’s non-polarizing dot org, and unabashedly proud of using emotional intelligence as part of their game-plan.

We got a chance to talk to one of Artemis’ founders, Kara Armano and its first full-time employee, Program Manager, Marcia Brownlee.

Kara is a recognized name in the pocket-sized fly fishing industry. Along with other tasks, this Idahoan serves as Far Bank’s (Sage Fly Rods, Redington, and RIO Products) new products communicator.

Armano is also an avid outdoors person hopelessly addicted to fly fishing and says she’s not looking for rehabilitation or a cure 

Brownlee, a conscripted Michiganer and now an all-in Montanan, is an avid outdoors person and maybe best described as “A ‘Woman’ For All Seasons.” There doesn’t seem to be a hunting or fishing pursuit she’s not proficient at. In an interview, Marcia responded to the question “What advice would you give women who are interested in becoming hunters or angler.” Brownlee: “First, don’t allow yourself to make excuses.  I know from personal experience that it is very easy to say, I don’t have the right gear, I don’t have the time, I don’t have anyone to go with or any number of other excuses.” No namby-pamby need apply might be the message.

Who is Artemis?

In Greek mythology, Artemis is the protector of the hunt and nature. She is depicted with her trusty doe deer, a bow, and arrows. She knew it as her duty to protect wildlife and the sanctity of the hunt. Artemis is an appropriate icon to represent a philosophy and embodiment of a wild spirit and protective nature to boldly carry the conservation torch for the modern sportswoman by engaging in every facet of the sporting conservation life.

Marcia Brownlee, Artemis’ program manager.

Brownlee strongly believes: “If you enjoy public lands – hunting and fishing you are accepting a responsibility to protect those special places and activities.” 

According to Kara and Marcia, Artemis became a dot org about a year ago. The handful of women that imagined Artemis are all highly credentialed and dedicated to the preservation of public land with a focus on wildlife itself. The founding members have active, participatory backgrounds in matters concerning wildlife, public lands, habitat protection, hunting and fishing, and overwhelmingly believe that women are under-represented (their fault both said) in conservation and need to step up the pace. Kara said: “We all feel a responsibility to help restore and preserve our nations outdoor heritage of public lands access and the wealth of wildlife around us and that our female perspectives will cast a favorable light on conservation.”

Collectively, it was noted that women had been in the conservation background too long and that they needed to be heard – wanted to be heard. Among themselves, they realized their points of view, observations, and “how-to” do things were different – they had a mantra unique to the conversation of protecting the out-of-doors.

Artemis will make a difference in one of America’s most radioactive issues of this century, a turning point that will determine who we are as Americans. We either preserve and protect public lands, wildlife, and their habitats or turn them over, acre by acre, to extractors and developer

Kara Armano in the throws of angling.

Artemis believes that breathing intellectual emotion into the voices of fellow women will bring a new positive to keeping wildlife wild in as many wild places as possible and that protecting the environment is an admirable American tradition.

So far, all six states with Artemis representation (MT, ID, WY, CO, NM, SD) are each guided by well-credentialed outdoor spokespersons who believe a woman’s point of view will better task standing in the coalition middle of the road when flared tempers and polarized thinking guide others of a one-way vision.

Artemis is not out to run the gauntlet for fly fishers, deer hunters, or any other singular outdoor activity, but instead wildlife itself, public lands, and conservation. Artemis has no outdoor activity boundaries.


Artemis encourages your participation and will be glad to answer any of your questions. To ask a question, sign up, or learn more about Artemis click here . . .  

Artemis is an initiative within the National Wildlife Federation . . .

Artemis is associated with the wildlife federations in all the states referred to in this story.  

Artemis event collaborates with Backcountry Hunters & Anglers . . .  and Braided . . .





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