[dropcap]A[/dropcap] Pittsburgh friend, an avid trouts angler (brown, rainbow, brook and steelhead), sent me a New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool.  This fall, I’ve added a few more notches to my catch of reluctant reds using the tool.4_views

It’s light as feather, durable, reusable and relatively inexpensive. Just admit you’d like to catch more fish and you’re hooked.

New Zealand Strike Indicator is an innovative fly fisherman’s tool for a several reasons: You’ll catch more fish, it makes creating an indicator easier than any other method (by far), convenient (holds extra tubing sleeves – enough for several full days of fishing), designed to reduce surface tension allowing tubing sleeve to slide easily onto leader. It’s presence is not noticeable while casting and lands like a feather  – no old guy reading glasses necessary to assemble. Too, it won’t slip, but it can be moved up or down the line to maximize effectiveness. The one negative is that it acts like a sail in a strong wind because it sits so high on the water, but mending cures that.


While it will come to mind, if you’re a ruddy faced, calloused handed saltwater angler that indicators are only for our tender foot “trout” brethren; rethink.  It’s plenty useful for saltwater use, especially for sometimes really soft striking species like reds and bones. To paint a better picture of how to use it – take a listen, and look, at this Vimeo.

[vimeo id=”63412360″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

[information] Click here to vist website and order . . .
MSRP $15.95
Three feet of 4mm tubing (You can get XL tubing if you fish lots of weight)
MSRP $7.95



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