Many have done it, set the hook on a big tarpon and lose control of the fly line just long enough to get burned fingers.

Well, here’s a fix for under ten bucks

stripee_frontStripees are quality made and won’t fall apart, made primarily of neoprene and felt. They eliminate finger burn experienced on running fish or simply stripping all day, especially with textured fly lines. If you use fingerless sun-gloves, like I do, the two finger Strippees will not interfere and offer slightly more sun protection. I found them comfortable and really forgot all about them fairly quickly on the first day. Some people complain of wet fabric on your fingers all day being irritating or that they start to smell with much use. I am sure they can be hand washed to eliminate any athletic odors. Personally, I am not thinking about what my hand smells like when a school of poons is approaching the boat.

If your fingers are taking a beating, this product is a great option. Small investment as well.


Many quality fly shops carry this item.


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