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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]kip Storch has designed the Shu-Fly saltwater fly rods with quality craftsmanship at affordable pricing. Based in the Catskills, this rod company has come up with a really solid fly rod that retails for $125. President, Skip Storch, designed the eponymous series of rods with the goal of creating a high performance fly rod with a lifetime warranty at a fraction of the “going rate”.


Skip Storch versatility.

The Skip Storch Series of SHU-FLY rods have some pretty cool features including an interchangeable butt that allows anglers to use either standard saltwater fighting butt or the longer extended butt reminiscent of a two handed rod (both butts included). Rods also come with a nice rod sock and cordura covered tube. Replacement tips are $25 and replacement of a rod broken elsewhere is $50. This offers great peace of mind and is more than reasonably fair relative to the the industry.

Recently I have been fishing with the SF904-10, a four piece 10-weight with a lot of backbone and I have been pleasantly surprised by its performance. The rod I received had great wraps and careful craftsmanship. The hardware is attractive, sturdy and performed without flaw. Mainly, I have been throwing poppers on this rod that I have rigged with a 10 weight floating line on a SHU-FLY Max-Drag reel (size 9/10). It balances out well and throws this Rio floating line pretty effortlessly. I have even given a few casting lessons with it and had rookies throwing 40+’ on their first day. As well, I have been catching tenacious bluefish in heavy current with this set-up and it has performed great both as a casting tool and as a fish fighting tool. The whole rod is pretty stout as I believe a 10 weight should be.

SHU-FLY Skip Torch Series.

SHU-FLY Skip Storch Series.

Since I have been fishing it, this rod has shown itself to be a workhorse rod that withstands the rugged demands of saltwater fishing. At the $125 price point, it is going to be tough to beat considering its solid performance, craftsmanship and warranty. Be sure to go to the SHU-FLY site to learn more about their growing line of rods, reels, and accesories as well as to check out their growing list of dealers. Everybody likes different characteristics in their fly rod of choice, so it is always a good idea to try a few different rods at your comfortable price point range. But if you are in the market for entry level pricing, be sure to try the SHU-FLY rods. They also offer a full line of trout and two handed rods as well as a full line of conventional and spinning rods, all with very appealing price points.

SHU-FLY Tackle & Fly Shop is located at: 161 Main Street in Nanuet, NY 10954

Phone: (845) 215-5470



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