[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast night, the Marlins take time before the game to honor Chipper Jones in his last appearance in Marlins Park.

Chipper Jones has done plenty of damage to the Marlins over his career. As a parting gift, the Marlins gave Jones gear to help him do battle with other fish.

Jones added to his growing collection of farewell gifts before his final game in South Florida on Wednesday night, which the Braves won, 3-0, as the Marlins presented him with a Sage fly-fishing rod and Sage reel with travel kit.

“It was cool,” the veteran said. “Obviously a really classy act by the Marlins organization giving me the gift beforehand and all their guys coming out of the dugout. That was especially nice, and obviously however many people that were here standing for my last at-bat, I wish I could’ve gotten a hit, but the guy was out there throwing pretty hard.”

Along with the fishing rod and reel, the Marlins gave Jones a waterproof tote bag filled with other assorted fishing gear, including a bass fly-fishing kit, deceiver assortment flies, books on fly-fishing, a fly-fishing vest with fishing tools and lures, a fly-fishing hat with LCD lights for fishing at dusk and dawn and a tackle box kit. [Read More]


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