Costa’s Project Permit Nears Milestone
[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hanks to anglers and guides that have participated in Costa’s Project Permit we are about to surpass 1,000 tagged permit in Florida.  Project Permit is an important program because very little is known about permit and certainly not enough to guide conservation efforts.  This program will help us identify the movement patterns of permit so that we can determine areas most important for conservation to protect the fishery and habitats.  We still need to tag additional permit and will continue to do so.

Permit being tagged, Coasta / BTT photo

How can you help?  We need recapture information, so if you catch a tagged permit, please report it, the information is vital to the program’s success.  Beginning in March of 2012 BTT began placing $100 Reward Tags in permit, now, not only will catching a permit be a rewarding angling experience, if it contains a reward tag it may just help pay for the day on the water.



The Reward Tags look like the normal tags on permit (including an identification number, web site,  and phone number for reporting), but also have “$100 Reward” printed on them. If you catch a permit with a Reward Tag, clip the tag, off and give us a call. Once we have your information, put the tag in the mail and we’ll verify and get a check to you.  Whether your permit contains a reward or standard tag, please help us record it.  If you have any questions please send them too





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