The Prescott Smith “Flats Laws” are a naked power grab and an untenable expression of xenophobia

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]adly, we need to prepare for kissing the Bahamas goodbye as a destination for bonefishing, for awhile at least. The new “Flats Laws,” proposed by Prescott Smith and supported by his sycophants, Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, V. Alfred Gray, Shawn Leadon and the ever present guides and citizens who believe foreigners have disenfranchised them. What they all fail to realize is that Prescott Gray and Shawn Leadon have, literally, scoped out a plan to financially destroy themselves, lower if not end their fellow Bahamians incomes, reduce lodge owners’ client stays and lower second home anglers property values. All for the purpose of having a few enjoy Mullah power that will, inevitably lead to corruption.

Make no mistake, the three musketeers have no intention of improving the Bahamas conservation; whatsoever

Another sad thing will be the uncertain future of the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust’s conservation efforts and future studies, along with the uncertainty Tom Karrow faces with his doctoral thesis on the history of Bahamas guides.

To best understand what has happened since Saturday (7/11) Bonefish on the Brain’s blog has the very latest

Here is the latest link to Bjorn Stromsness blog on the Bahamas tragedy. We’ll keep you updated.
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The Bahamas newspaper Trubune242 article on the subject, which is “Real Unclear Politics,” Bahamas newspaper  . . .


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