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  • normanduncan says:

    Norman Duncan · U of Miami
    Message sent to Keep America Fishing “Stop the Biscayne lockout”, “BNP Access Denied” request:

    I was involved in the efforts that contributed to the creation of Biscayne National Monument in 1969.
    As a recreational angler, I am extremely glad that the National Park Service has implemented a Marine Protection Area in Biscayne National Park. I ask for your help to stop the unwarranted opposition to this closure.
    The marine reserve being proposed is supported by science and will have a long-term beneficial impact on the communities that are dependent on recreational fishing access to Biscayne National Park.
    The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, has been odds with the NPS regarding control of the fisheries in BNP. The FWC opposes the National Park Service’s plan, saying that the proposed marine reserve is unnecessarily restrictive and other less restrictive management options can provide healthy fisheries resources while still allowing for public access. At times, the track record of the FWC’s management of the fisheries and wildlife seems to be politically motivated.
    As your constituent, I hope you and your colleagues will act to preserve our fisheries for future generations.

    Note: A couple of weeks ago my wife and I went on the dive boat in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, we saw a mutton snapper over 15 pounds and several black grouper even larger. Fish of this size have not been seen or caught in the reef areas of Biscayne National Park for years.

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