[dropcap]F[/dropcap]aster. Easier. More Powerful. Check it out at www.angleraction.org. Looking for a faster, easier, more powerful Angler Action Program? One that uses data like the old AAP, for the benefit of fishery management, angler rights, and habitat protection, but one that is vastly more useful to the angler?

…Good! Because that’s what you get with the new AAP, version 2.1. And it’s here and ready for use.

One of the most important aspects of any organization is the ability to hear and respond to its constituents.

The AAP now can be used world-wide. By flagging your location as a “favorite,” you can view/edit the trips by finding them on a map. All location data is private and password protected. Recreational anglers offered suggestions and the Snook and Gamefish Foundation has responded, introducing Angler Action Plan 2.1. This newest version of the Foundation’s angler-based fish survey incorporates customization, features to speed up the logging process and freshwater species, all in a new format that optimizes ease of use.

“The Angler Action Plan (AAP) was developed with the idea that recreational anglers be the backbone of the program. Their real data and on-the-scene information is what gives biologists and legislators a true vision of what our waters hold,” said Brett Fitzgerald, CEO of the Snook and Gamefish Foundation. “Anything we can do to make that process easier, more intuitive and to encompass more species, all while maintaining the strict scientific protocols that give the data viability, we are all for.”

Freshwater species, including the alligator gar, are included in the new AAP.

Since its inception in 2010, recreational anglers have logged thousands of hours in the AAP’s online logbook. Those hours – and the data that was derived from the logs – have helped give a complete picture when regulators reviewed season, bag and slot limits for several species.

angler-action-logoThe newest version of AAP speaks directly to anglers’ concerns by opening the program up worldwide, as opposed to just in the United States. While the original AAP solely targeted snook anglers, the newest version now supports freshwater species, as well as numerous saltwater species, another angler request.

Already log your trips in the AAP? Your info will carry over to the new version. Play with the new “filter” feature – you will enjoy viewing your fishing efforts from various perspectives.From a user perspective (and there are almost 5000 registered AAP users), you can now set your preferences so forms. The new AAP allows you to upload an avitar photo. As anglers pass certain milestones, they will advance to different “club” levels, which is visible in the red box below your avitar photo. Are you in Club 10 yet? automatically populate when you open them, there are “quick-add” buttons for species you recently logged and a new “Copy’ button to help save time.

The new layout is designed to be easy to use and now works great on any smart phone, tablet or computer. There is a new dashboard to help manage tasks efficiently and a one-page catch summary layout.

Personalization was something else recreational anglers asked for. That was answered with the ability to add a picture to a profile, among other improvements.

Photo by Captain Mike Gore (Tampa Fishing Charters). Contact Mike @ captainmikegore.com

Photo by Captain Mike Gore (Tampa Fishing Charters). Contact Mike @ captainmikegore.com

Some other new additions include a “Donate” button to help support the Snook and Gamefish Foundation and the opportunity for fishing clubs and tournaments to recognize and reward anglers who take part in the AAP.

“As successful as the Angler Action Plan has been to this point, I can’t imagine not working with the recreational angling community to make it even better,” Fitzgerald said. “This is just another small step in giving anglers a voice in how their environment and lives are affected.

Scroll through the pics below to see more features from the new Angler Action Program. Then visit angleraction to sign up today. (See information at bottom of page)

The new AAP has a progress indicator, which turns green to let you know when you’ve completed a section. Every page is faster and easier to use. Here notice the red buttons: your most common fish species are available for quick entries.

The home page of the new AAP provides the angler with many options: viewing previous trips, filtering information, photo management. Anglers will now see at a glance how many trips they’ve logged, how many fish were caught, how many were released.


The smartphone version – still FREE – will be ready for you in September. One of the biggest requests was improved photo functions. You got it!

To visit angleraction and sign up today click here […]



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