Stop Twin Metals’ Proposed Sulfide Mines

By Will McMillan, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ver 50 years ago, my great-grandfather stood in front of Congress and urged them to save the  from logging and mining. Thankfully, Congress protected one of America’s most vital ecosystems and my great-grandfather won one of the biggest environmental victories the last century has seen.

But now the Boundary Waters are threatened again

This time, Twin Metals, a Chilean mining company, wants to have a shot at destroying what my great-grandfather and hundreds of others fought to protect.

Twin Metal’s proposed sulfide mines would be built right outside of the BWCAW and Superior National Forest, two of America’s most visited natural landmarks. These mines would pollute water that would go into the Great Lakes, down the Mississippi River, all throughout the Rainy River Basin Drainage and even the Hudson Bay, ruining the pristine wilderness.

The type of pollution that would be let out is a toxic and acidic mine drainage that destroys most of what it touches

On top of that, there has not been one single sulfide mine in the world that has successfully stopped pollution it has created. Not one. To top it off, once most mines are abandoned, the mining company stops paying for the mine to be cared for, letting the nearby communities pay the astronomical costs to maintain the mine. Then, the costs become to much and the mine starts leaking out the pollution and the government has to step in and use taxpayer money to clean up the mess.

So now it’s our turn . . .

. . . to continue what my great-grandfather and hundreds of others started. Please help me by signing the petition and bringing this serious problem up to the Minnesota Government and let them know that letting this company start a horrific practice at the doors of an extremely important, pristine forest is not a smart idea.


Go here to sign petition . . .



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