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Your local fly shop is the best bet for reliable information

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]robably the easiest way to “show” how things should be done in matters fly fishing is via videos – Vimeo and YouTube, et al. However, the best way to learn is to hire a professional fly fishing guide or if you strictly want to learn to cast, think Fly Fishers International (formerly Federation of Fly Fishers) instructors.

Click on image to visit Hatch Finders Fly Shop in Livingston, Montana.

The least reliable information can also comes from online sourcing. Videos are not insulated from dispensing “bass ackward” messaging

The most misleading information can be found in formats known as “forums” or in blogs. Boy Cave thinkers are viruses in full bloom in those two formats. There are, however, some excellent blogger sites, blogs tethered to websites, and forums. Sites that I rely on are Gink & Gasoline, Deneki Outdoors, and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust… to name a few.

Politically charged and so called conservation websites, especially those sites that falsify public lands transfer information (American Legislative Exchange Council) and make artwork out of lies via the theatrics of misleading  info- all draped in the American flag, are treacherous to the future of the outdoors experience.

Getting good online information regarding matters fly fishing requires the “surfer” have more than an introductory level of knowledge about the subject

Avoiding the pitfall of online misinformation about matters fly fishing is easy, stick with industry websites. You’re not going to get misinformation about switch rods from R. B. Meiser Fly Rods, casting instruction from Orvis, fly lines and instruction from RIO Products, fly rods from Winston, fly tying from Tim Flagler, or from and of dozens of other industry websites, selected bloggers, or hundreds and hundreds of fly shops around the world.

Will you have to deal with points of view? Of course, but it won’t be boy cave BS

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