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Opinion: Casting for distance. What is the point?

Almost all rod makers and most fly line manufacturers bump-up their designations to promote the idea that “their” product increases the distance you can cast. But as Madison River’s Kelly Galloup explains in the following video: “What is the point?” Well, in dry fly fishing distance preferred casts are a hindrance to catching a trout. That, though, is not always the case when nymph fishing, streamer fishing, popper fishing and especially so in most saltwater flats fishing and many surf fishing scenarios. For example, if a pod of big tarpon are going to intersect at a distance of 70-feet from you, your 30-foot castability is of no use.

Accuracy and speed of delivery outweigh all other concerns when fly fishing the brine. In trout water stealth and patience are of paramount importance.

Here is Kelly’s take on the matter of  “distance casting.” Access Kelly Galoup’s website and lodge, Slide Inn here . . .

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