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Quick review

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he most common way to add a dropper tag is to leave one of the tag ends long when joining two pieces of tippet. I prefer the Orvis Tippet Knot, but the Double or Triple Surgeon’s Knot works fine.

The most common way to add a trailer is by tying new tippet to the hook bend of a fly. Another popular method is to tie the new section of tippet from the eye of the first fly (both the mainline and the trailer line are tied to the eye).

Let’s go back to the tag again

The tag gets too short after a couple fly changes, so what can you do? You could cut the lines and rejoin them to form a new tag, but that requires clipping off the point fly. And when you reattach it, the distance between your two flies will be five inches shorter. You could, instead, scrap that piece of tippet and add a whole new section, but that gets expensive, and you are still tying more knots than necessary. I prefer to simply add on a new piece of tippet around the mainline where I want my tag.

image credit noted in the image.

Image credit noted in the image.

Slide this added piece down to the knot and a new tag is created. You can use whatever knot you are comfortable with here. I prefer the Davy Knot because it’s super quick, but the Clinch Knot works well too.

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