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The Perfection Loop Knot as a terminal knot. An unbeatable knot with two “perfect” applications.

It’s hard to improve on anything labeled perfect, and sometimes it is, of course, a misnomer, but not in the case of a Perfection Loop Knot

By Skip Clement 

I had convinced myself that I had attained new mechanical skills, perhaps bordering on a level of genius, something I was never known for, and I had figured out how to tie the perfection loop knot used as a non-slip loop knot – with a fly tied on the terminal end.

The perfection knot, as commonly tied in umpteen Google searches via YouTube or Vimeo, shows the only possibility is being a loop knot with no practical application as a knot serving as a terminal knot – with a fly attached.

When I figured it out, other than making the perfection knot priorly by slipping the loop through the eye, then over the fly and hook and then seating it up tight against the hook eye as a hitch, I had accomplished the perfection loop knot with a fly attached, but with a too large a loop. Nonetheless, I was child-like pleased with myself. It had taken, off and on, months of knot tying during sports event commercials.

That was a year or so ago

When I explained it to my ofttimes angling friend, Angie Roth, she showed me a much, much simpler way to tie it than my way. Then she Googled it for me: YouTube> Phil Monahan>Orvis>Perfection Loop Knot.

Well, I thought I was genius material for about a year – not too many can even make that claim

I like the Non-Slip Loop Knot and had been using it for decades, but the Perfection Loop is inherently stronger, much slimmer and easier and faster to tie. I always opt for better and easier if those attributes arrive in the same sentence.

Take a look. You won’t find a more straightforward way to tie it if you want it as non-slip loop knot replacement  – with the fly naturally “swimming” at the end of your leader.


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