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Big rainbow trout from Mission Lake, MT,,

Mission Lake, Montana, fat boy rainbow [Oncorhynchus mykiss] swimming the shallows took a #18 Parachute Adams.

Big trout liking July Parachute Adams’

By Skip Clement

A group of ‘Spent-Spinners,’ our fly tying group’s unincorporated name for ourselves – older and mostly retired but active fly fishers, used to meet weekdays at 10:30 at a series of rotating local coffee shops and restaurants in the foothills of North Georgia’s contribution to the Appalachians.

Then COVID 19 hit, and we resorted to ZOOM, and now we meet at one of three “member” homes in a garage, deck, barn, or under a shade tree, once a week. Fortunately, among our tyers are two women gourmet cooks and one guy who is a retired chef. Now, we are all Spent-Spinners… fly tying Foodies. We nibble throughout our well spaced session.

Brown trout [Salmo trutta] provided courtesy of award winning watercolorist/illustrator Thom Glace.

One of our previously tied flies was a Parachute Adams. We don’t film [YouTube] our sessions so, we settled on Tim Flagler’s version. Singling it out because of members’ reported successes on the Chattahoochee River here in Georgia with our version of the Adams and its likeness to Flagler’s [a brown and a rainbow] – both predawn captures and releases.  And several others on western waters of Idaho’s Wood River [Ketchum] and Montana’s Mission Lake (Blackfeet Indian Reservation).

A size #22 in the video, but the Hootch [Chattahoochee River] brown went for a #16. There are several versions of even Flagler’s tying the Parachute, as well as others’, but we felt the video we chose closest to out consensus tie.



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