A better way to drive to work – listening to a fly fishing podcast.

Frankly, it’s radio – back to the future?

by Skip Clement

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he phenomenon in fly fishing communication isn’t slick advertising, great photography, a new magazine, bloggers, or “forums” that much of the time peddle unreliable commentary – it is podcasts.

Upscale radio/TV broadcasting organizations like NPR, politically poisoned left or right talk show bloviators, or well-heeled religiosity shows all allow you to listen when you want to, not necessarily when aired. That last feature is the coup de grâce of our digital world. Too, the radio/podcasts allow an escape from political issues, angering talk show hosts, and shear audio nonsense. 

In a sport that we think of as being all about visual, it turns out that simply listening to Orvis’ Tom Rosenbauer, Roger Maves, or April Vokey interview RIO Products’ Simon Gawesworth or listening to Thomas McGuane talk about fly fishing in Key West in the 60s can have impacts that are all about visual. It is a learning experience, no matter your claim on years of experience.

How could visual come from podcasting?

Those who are still with us that remember the family radio show knows it could cast bonfires of images on the mind’s eye of every listener – create almost permanent markers on memory, like a passage from a great book.

Going to work, traffic jams, bad drivers, and an easier softer way 

Zack Matthews, an Atlanta Lawyer/angler is a favorite of local fly fishers. Click on image to visit website.

Lastly, in a typical fly fishing oriented home in which at least one member is passionate, he or she can escape the ride to glass canyons of neon and asphalt  listening to the clever guys at the Drake magazine with their humor laced The Drake Cast. The trip to work can be done without being visually impaired by texting or pis*^d-off at the lane changer ahead.

There’s a great story about podcasts and more insight in the Spring issue of Angling Trade – you can read more here  . . .


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