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by Frederic Thorner

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith humor, simple illustrations and practical know-how, Thorner cuts through much of the nomenclature and mystique behind this oft misunderstood sport. He leaves few stones unturned in this great introduction to the sport and covers everything from a (very) brief history of the sport to the legacy of etiquette and sportmanship it entails. The author de-mystifies the equipment, the locales, the flies, the equipment, techniques, and theories; all on a very base level. This book would be a great Christmas gift for the young budding angler in the family or that fisherman you know that wants to learn but has always feared the intimidation factor that so many people have with fly fishing. At a price that is affordable and packed full of sage advice, Thorner’s book is a keeper. ($9.99)





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