[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his Video was filmed by John Sherman on a tributary of the Amazon, The Rio Marie’. This river proved to be home to the largest population of trophy peacock bass ever discovered. The river is now protected by the Brazilian government and local indigenous tribes to limit it’s use exclusively to Untamed Angling and The Fly Shop, and it has been designated as “Fly Fishing Only”.

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About The Fly Shop

“Here at The Fly Shop®, it’s always been about people. Since April of 1978, I’ve worked to surround myself with the most talented staff, the best products, and the finest angling travel destinations in fly fishing. Along the way, most of our customers became our friends. Everybody says they’re the best, but my people have been proving it since our doors opened. And after 30+ years our reputation says it for us.”   –Mike Michalak – Owner

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