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Image credit J. Stockard Fly Fishing.

About the scissors we use to snip, cut, and shape our killer flies

By Skip Clement – Video by Tim Flagler

Most amateur fly tyers, including those accused of having ten thumbs, as I was by New Zealand’s most famous fly tyer, guide, author, and European tournament level fly fisher Hughie McDowell, have a collection of scissors that died prematurely.

The scissors we use these days that are predominantly Made in China do not last very long snipping feathers, yarn, synthetics, foam, or anything they get thrown up against while tying.

Wire, of course, would ruin even the best German or Japanese-made scissors, and in a hurry, many of us have said, “What the heck, one won’t hurt.” However, like addicts, one abuse turns into too many.

Scissor ‘types’ can make shaping, snipping, tracing, and other maneuvers easier and perform – well enough to improve tied flies’ look and swim behavior

Guru fly tyer Tim Flagler from Tightline Videos does a good summary of explaining scissors, what different types get used for, and the benefits thereof. Take a look . . .


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